Overwatch’s Zarya is coming to Heroes of the Storm, along with StarCraft maps

‘Machines of War’

Blizzard is starting gamescom off right, with a new reveal for Heroes of the Storm. Inline with previous leaks there will be two StarCraft-themed maps, including Braxis Holdout (featuring a Terran and Zerg battle) and Warhead Junction (with a nuclear warhead gimmick).

Two brand new heroes have also been confirmed — Alarak, a melee assassin of StarCraft fame, and Zarya from Overwatch, who will be the second ranged warrior in the game (next to Rexxar). New skins and mounts have also been shared, including the “Queen of Ghosts” Kerrigan, a Zerg-like Butcher, a Terran-kitted Rexxar, and a Ghost Speeder. This event will feature a bundle that includes access to everything but Zarya.

I’m not crazy about Alarak, but I was just talking about how easy it would be to transfer some Overwatch character’s kits over!

The Machines of War [Battle.net]

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