Overwatch’s open beta had a record-breaking 9.7 million players

Next animated short dated

Blizzard has announced the player count for the Overwatch open beta and, holy hell, it’s 9.7 million people. For comparison, The Division‘s beta brought in 6.4 million players, a record number for a new intellectual property, and Star Wars Battlefront‘s beta came in at 9.5 million participants.

As much as I adore Overwatch and think it has a bright future ahead of it given the company’s track record, I am surprised by that figure. A few others: open-beta players logged 81 million hours and 37 million matches. We were all desperate for another great team shooter, apparently. The word-of-mouth from the closed beta’s months-long run and the televised commercials certainly helped.

The next animated short, “Dragons,” is primed for May 16 at 10:00am, so we won’t have to make it to out to a theater. It’ll deal with the sibling rivalry between Hanzo and Genji. Have a favorite?

Jordan Devore
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