Overwatch’s newest comic is all about Bastion

There’s 11 of them now, you should read ’em

Blizzard has managed to turn Overwatch into a cross-media project without it ever seeming obnoxious. From the short films that rival Pixar in quality to the comic book series rife with many talented artists with different styles, it all adds to the allure of the world, but is never in your face about it.

The same goes for this Bastion comic titled “Binary,” which takes place before the events of the game, and after his short. It deals with his first meeting with Torbjörn (who also has a comic), and brings some much needed context into how Bastion slots into the Overwatch organization. While the story in this particular issue doesn’t feel essential, I love the character interactions, and think of them frequently while I’m playing.

Hopefully this game is around for a long, long time and keeps up the plan of providing free content updates.

Binary [Battle.net]

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