Overwatch’s competitive season 3 is ending soon

There’s still a few days to rank up

Overwatch‘s third competitive season is drawing to a close, meaning players have just a few days left to work on their rank and earn points towards unlocking golden weapon skins. The season will end on February 21 at 4:00 PM Pacific time, or Wednesday February 22 at Midnight UTC. The fourth season is scheduled to begin exactly one week later, on February 28/March 1. Helpfully, the forum post that has the details contains a link to a time zone converter so you can figure out when the season will end for yourself. 

Anyone who participated in Season three by completing at least their ten placement matches will receive a spray and player icon, a stylized logo that depicts the onion-domed background of Volskaya Industries. If you managed to get into the top 500 players on your system of choice, you’ll also receive a top 500 icon and an animated version of the spray to commemorate your achievement.

Speaking of ranking, there are rewards in the form of competitive points for every rank level a player achieved during the season. The points awarded are based on the highest rank achieved during the season, even if you’ve fallen below the rank threshold since then. Bronze players will receive 100 competitive points at the end of the season, Silver will get 200, Gold 400, Platinum 800, Diamond 1200, Masters 2000, and Grandmasters will get 3000. It takes 3000 of these points to bling out one of your character’s weapons, so the end of season bonus can be of tremendous help.

Season three was shaken up by the arrival of Sombra, as well as the big changes to Symmetra. If what’s currently being tested on the Public Test Realm goes live at the same time Season four starts, we can expect Bastion to become a much more frequent pick, while Roadhog may see a slight decline. There’s rumors floating around that we may soon see information about the elusive Doomfist as well.

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