Overwatch Season 10 is now underway, Brigitte playable in competitive

Also a new map is out today

It’s hard to believe that Overwatch is now nearly two years old at this point. It simultaneously feels like it’s been around forever and just launched, but once I start thinking about how we’ve gone through repeated seasonal events, it all sort of just comes together.

Another telltale sign is that the game is currently in its 10th ranked season, which just kicked off this week. If you want that spray and icon (and potential points for a golden weapon), now is the time to start your placements.

A few other things are happening this week as well. Brigitte’s honeymoon has ended, meaning that she can now be played in competitive mode. Also, the new Rialto map is coming to standard play today after being tested in PTR. It’s not going to be added to ranked modes at the moment, again, just standard play.

Blizzard is also toying with massive changes for Hanzo and Symmetra, so heads-up if you play those two a lot.

Chris Carter
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