Overwatch is getting a new Escort map called Junkertown

This is Very Good news

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Junkertown, the latest Overwatch map, is going to feel right at home for Junkrat and Roadhog players. It’s an Escort map set in the post-apocalyptic-looking wreckage of a destroyed omnium where the Junkers and their Queen live. Speaking of, she narrates this overview video, and I’m dying to see what she looks like (and can’t help but wonder if she’ll one day make it into the game proper).

That confined area with the spinning platform is going to make for some funny moments.

Blizzard also put out an “in-game short” called Junkertown: The Plan, watchable below. It’s a cute little production not unlike the old Team Fortress 2 Source Filmmaker videos, but it mostly just makes me want to see the next full cinematic.

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