Overwatch has a pair of pricey new skins for All-Star Weekend

I hope you held onto your League Tokens!

Blizzard has created a pair of funky-looking Overwatch skins for Tracer and Genji in celebration of this month’s Overwatch League All-Star Weekend. Tracer represents the Atlantic division, while Genji is repping the Pacific team. The All-Star Weekend event will run its course on Saturday, August 25 but these two new legendary skins will be up for grabs from August 17 to August 27.

One small catch: they’re only purchasable with League Tokens. And they’re pricey.

All-Star Tracer and Genji

Players can earn League Tokens by watching live Overwatch League matches and linking their game account. You normally only earn one token per map win, but sometimes you’ll get lucky an earn 100, which is exactly enough tokens to afford one normal team skin for one character. Blizzard also straight up sells League Tokens in increments of 100 ($5), 200 ($10), 400 ($20), 900 ($40), and 2,600 ($100).

With all of that in mind, 300 League Tokens for each of these skins feels steep — especially since the regular Overwatch League season has wrapped and players would’ve surely spent their saved-up tokens by now. I haven’t used any in quite a while, but I fall a little short at 258 tokens. Oh well.

All-Star Weekend: Custom Games and Legendary Skins [Overwatch League]

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