Overwatch director opens up on competitive play details, golden weapon rewards are in

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If you’re an Overwatch beta nerd, you probably know a little bit about how the competitive play system worked out — due to negative feedback it was put on ice, and will come back in this month. They’ve talked at length about how “it’s coming,” but now, due to a direct update from director Jeff Kaplan, we have more substantial info.

While some of this was covered in past months as possible changes, all of this sounds more concrete. Seasons will be themed around actual seasons (read: summer and fall), and will last several months. Additionally, sudden death will be minimized in competitive play, MMR (rankings) will be shown to all players as well as whether or not they’re in a pre-made group or solo queue, and season-based cosmetic rewards like sprays, player icons, and “golden weapons” are in — for those, “the highest skill players will be able to unlock them before anyone else.” Kaplan also reminds us that more maps and heroes are on the way “later this year.”

Off-topic a bit, he also clarified more on how Loot Boxes work, in that you can’t hoard them to unlock future content.

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