Overwatch Collector’s Edition is now only $80 at GameStop

Yep, the one with that statue

Overwatch‘s Collector’s Edition list price went from a giant $129.99 to a slightly more reasonable $99 just a few months ago (was it last month? who knows). But GameStop is taking it to another level by discounting it across platforms to $80.

That’s $20 off a collectible edition for a game that has been out since this summer — and no doubt any major fans have already made the purchase. This will surely sell like gangbusters.

The collector’s edition, of course, comes with these fine items:

  • Overwatch Origins Edition
  • SOLDIER: 76 12.8-inch statue
  • Overwatch Visual Sourcebook
  • Overwatch Soundtrack
  • 5 origin skins (yep more skins)
  • In-game goodies (whatever that means)
  • Tracer Hero (yay)
  • Baby winston pet (cool)
  • Overwatch card back
  • Mercy’s wings
  • Player portraits

While we were writing up this deal, the PC edition sold out. So we expect the PS4 and Xbone versions to sell out eventually too.