Overwatch characters make such good cats

Fan art reimagines cast at cats

Overwatch has had no shortage of fan art to further cement its cast in public consciousness. I made some. Blizzard made some. If the crew was a bit less humanoid, a little more pocket monster, there’d probably be enough visual recognition there for a cute series like, “What my mom thinks Overwatch characters are called” where Reaper gets rechristened Bo Jangles and then she asks if I’m going to start thinking about getting a real job soon.

Korean artist Lillu expressed love for the cast a couple weeks back with a series of drawings (now compiled on this page, which I caught in a rare tweet from Jordan) of the characters as cats. It’s like Aristocats with waifus! Except they’re cats, don’t be gross.

I have been blessed with some fan art this weekend (Luckrequired you da bess!) but damn I want to be turned into an adorable cat pair. Maybe with this little (giant) guy.

You can see the rest of them here.

Steven Hansen