Overwatch Archives 2020 has eight skins and a Jetpack Cat shout-out

Aviator Pharah is another crowd-pleaser

Blizzard is trying to liven up Overwatch‘s Archives event for 2020. The in-game event runs from March 12 to April 2, and this year, there are weekly challenge missions to modify (and hopefully freshen up) three dust-covered co-op story levels: Uprising, Retribution, and Storm Rising. Is it enough?

Some of the PvE story mission shakeups include modifiers like Glass Cannon (you take and dish out more damage), Molten Cores (dead foes drop lava pools), Surgical Strike (only critical attacks inflict damage), and Blood Moon Rising (support heroes aren’t allowed and you self-heal by doing damage).

If nothing else, I can see Overwatch players popping in for some quick rounds each week to earn new character skins. Nine wins is all it takes. From March 12-19, you can earn Holi Symmetra; from March 19-26, you can get Rustclad Torbjorn; and from March 26-April 2, you can unlock Bear Mei.

The other new hero skins for Overwatch Archives 2020 – which you’ll either need to unbox or buy with credits – are: Aviator Pharah, King Jamison Junkrat, Militia Roadhog, Sniper Ana, and Workout Zarya.

Above all, I’m here for Jetpack Cat. I hope the big lug eventually goes beyond cameo appearances.

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