Overwatch adds a robotic knight to its roster

Go team silver foxes

Well, Steven asked for more old men and Overwatch delivered. Reinhardt, the latest character to receive a personal sizzle reel, is a 61-year-old self-styled knight who fights evil by encasing himself in a robotic suit of armor and swinging around a rocket-powered sledgehammer. As far as ways to spend your golden years go, that’s not half bad.

Reinhardt looks like my jam. A big robot knight that can act as a roadblock for the enemy and a rallying point for your team? I love it. Plus, I’m getting a real L4D2 Charger vibe off his tackle ability which is always a good thing. Check out the nearly ten-minute-long video and see if the electronic old man doesn’t pique your interest as well.

Nic Rowen