Overpriced wireless adapter less overpriced on Amazon

I don’t believe in wireless networks. I’m not one of those guys who is so hopeless that I have to physically see something to believe that it’s working and/or exists. I’m just hopelessly paranoid about the things. I would rather cut and lay new ethernet cable every time I move than place my trust in something that transmits my data through the air. Just one of my little quirks, I guess.

If you’re more bold than I am and want to connect your Xbox 360 wirelessly, Amazon has your back with their Deal of the Day. The annoyingly expensive wireless adapter for the console is 25% off right now. And it’s even the new-fangled Wireless-N adapter, at that.

Seventy-five smackers is still more than I think I’d be willing to pay even if I wanted the damned thing working its horrible voodoo in my home. What say you, Destructoid? How much is reasonable?

Video Games Deal of the Day [Amazon]

Conrad Zimmerman