Overlord DLC is on the way: Consider my heart conquered

Regular readers will have worked out by now that I am a huge Overlord fan, and have been awaiting the promised downloadable content announcement with much glee. The long wait is now over, as Codemasters has revealed its future plans for the surprisingly popular IP. Three new downloadable offerings will be on show, including maps, modes and a full-on expansion.

The expansion will be known as Overlord: Raising Hell and will send our dark, brooding ruler into a Hellish reworking of the game’s five kingdoms. You will have to face off against the resurrected heroes killed in the main game so that they can’t return for good. You can check out Eurogamer’s screenshot gallery of the expansion here.

Overlord: Challenge Pack will boost the slim multiplayer pickings found in the original game. Seven new maps will be added, along with two new modes – Capture the Maiden and Protect Your Power. One’s about capturing things, the other’s about protecting things — simple, eh? This pack will also add a Legendary Difficulty mode to the main game. Finally, there is a third free update which brings split-screen multiplayer and a new Survival map called Rocky Race which pits two Overlords against a rock giant.

Codemasters has nothing to say about pricing, so we’ll have to wait and see on the Microsoft Points front. The Xbox 360 DLC will arrive this month, while the PC version will have to wait until the new year. I’m certainly looking forward to the expansion, but I have to say that I think the multiplayer additions are a waste of time. I could barely find anyone to play online with before Halo 3 — after it, I’ve no inclination to even try.

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