Overlord demo creeps onto XBL with all the malevolence of a demonic squid

It seems that Tenchu Z isn’t the only game to push out a demo onto Xbox Live without much fanfare. Twisted “Dungeon Keeper meets Pikmin” pillage-a-thon, Overlord , which I’ve made no secret about being excited for, has a demo on offer at XBL’s Marketplace right now. I’m downloading as I type and honestly, you should be as well.

Will it be too much like Fable, as one or two of you have feared? Will the Teen rating affect the title in any real negative way? Will any of that matter once you’ve got a horde of chattering, evil minions ready to do your infernal bidding? My money’s on the latter, but if you want to find out for yourselves, get downloading immediately and let us know your thoughts in delicious comment form. Do as Sterling commands, minions! 

[Many thanks to Hyperspank for letting us know it was there] 

James Stephanie Sterling