Rumor: Kojima Productions set to reveal new horror title Overdose

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The not-so-Nice Guys

In a week expected to be jam-packed with rumors and leaks, the loudest whispers of the past 24 hours concern Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima and his studio, Kojima Productions — according to the word around town, the studio is preparing to reveal a brand new horror title, going by the name of “Overdose.”

The rumor was sparked by professional spoiler Tom Henderson, who has an uncanny knack for being very right in these matters. Writing on Try Hard Guides, Henderson claims to have already seen the first teaser trailer for Overdose, which sees a young woman — played by Margaret Qualley of Death Stranding, The Nice Guys, and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood — picking her way through a creepy corridor by torchlight.

While this remains a mere rumor at present, Henderson’s word has been proven correct on numerous occasions. In fact, (as noted by VGC) Henderson has gone on to claim that Kojima Productions has directly requested the removal of his words, in a tweet that has itself been removed. If Kojima and pals are preparing to reveal Overdose, then one would surmise that we can see it during this season’s gaming news digest — perhaps during Thursday’s Summer Game Fest, hosted by Kojima’s speed-dial buddy Geoff Keighley.

Either way, it’s exciting news, people have been linking Hideo Kojima to horror for many years, (lest we forget P.T.), and he has already proven he knows his way around a creepy character or two in the Metal Gear and Death Stranding titles. If Overdose exists, then it could prove to be the realization of the scary, Silent Hill-type adventure that has eluded the studio thus far.

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