Overcooked is arriving on next-gen Microsoft platforms this week after all

Out today at launch

It felt like Overcooked: All You Can Eat was going to board the next-gen train late after it was confirmed that the PS5 edition would be arriving this week; but publisher Team17 has announced that the Series X/S versions are indeed making launch. Specifically, today. It’s “next-gen” y’all!

In case you missed it, Overcooked: All You Can Eat is basically a definitive compilation. It hosts both games in the series under one umbrella with 4K visuals and 60FPS. It also makes the original Overcooked playable online, with cross-play capabilities “at a later date.” As far as content goes, it’s getting seven new levels and three new chefs.

Ah, a whole new generation of broken friendships and families…sniff. It really feels like the next generation has arrived when a party game is right there to make people argue about how the console owner should have bought more DualSense remotes. At least you’ll be able to jump into a full local session on Series X/S if people already have their Xbox One controllers!

Chris Carter
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