Overcooked is a cooperative cooking game on LSD

Cook in space and during an earthquake

While it isn’t the Hell’s Kitchen game I’ve always dreamed of, Overcooked has me interested. Looks like you can cook with three other friends in various kitchens while dealing with earthquakes, melting ice, space, and so forth. 

Judging by the gameplay video below from Eurogamer, Overcooked will have a story mode that is just as crazy as you’d expect. The level shown has players cooking to save the Onion Kingdom by feeding a giant spaghetti-and-meatballs monster. 

I can’t wait to pretend to be chef Gordon Ramsay while playing this with friends. “You call this risotto you fucking piece of shit? The entire world is counting on you, and you can’t be arsed to thoroughly cook a piece of chicken? Your cooking is so bad it is literally causing the end of the world!”

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