Over Nine Thousand contest is over, link us to your entries

Good evening, children. As you may have already gathered, our Over Nine Thousand contest (in which you could win a special Dragonball Z Xbox 360 along with a copy of Burst Limit and other swag) ended this weekend, and the winners will be announced soon … not now.

You see, thanks to a unique combination of my own laziness and Firefox 3 being an unreliable piece of wank that lost my bookmarks, I actually need a little something from you before I can name a winner. Don’t worry, it’s incredibly simple — just post here with a link to your Community Blog’s entry and then I can easily compile it. 

To make this fair on everyone who entered, I’ll give you around twenty four hours to respond to this post with a link to your entry. Remember, there’s an Xbox 360 in it for one of you. Don’t forget to check out our other contests as well. We have … dare I say it … over nine thousand of them.

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