Over a million people played Blasphemous

‘Thank you all for bringing so much joy to our sorrowful hearts’

Blasphemous is one of those games that left me hoping it sold well enough for its creators to keep doing what they know and love. It’s a gripping and often unforgiving action-platformer set in a world dominated by religious fervor, and as dark as it could be, the game really resonated with me.

Well, me and a bunch of other people. The Game Kitchen and publisher Team17 just announced that Blasphemous has passed “one million players.” Here’s a pleasant little video to capture the moment.

In a Steam post, the developers said “thanks to you we’ve been able to continue working on Blasphemous, adding even more free content to the game beyond what we initially planned.”

Given all the free content updates, including the recent Boss Rush mode and Bloodstained crossover, I figured that Blasphemous was in a good spot financially, but it’s nice to have a proper confirmation. I’ll take a potential sequel – think of the lore! – but even if The Game Kitchen goes in a different direction with a new IP, I’ll be there too. The post-launch support has been fantastic for this game. Truly.

I’ve only been back once since my initial exhaustive playthrough – I had to mess with The Stir of Dawn and hear the much-improved Spanish voice-overs – but I’m hoping to play it all again one day.

If you’re in the market for the PC version, it’s currently free with Prime Gaming until April 1.

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