Over 9 million people played the Star Wars Battlefront beta

That’s a lotta stormtroopers!

According to the gang at Electronic Arts, over 9 million people played last week’s Star Wars Battlefront open beta. The beta worked exactly as intended — a legitimate concern for players after 2013’s disastrous Battlefield 4 launch. DICE will continue to refine the game based on feedback, but I have to imagine it’s all but feature-locked at this point.

I was fortunate enough to spend some time with Battlefront this past weekend, and I really dug it. The game plays well, it looks fantastic on PS4, and I’m excited to see more. Working netcode is not just a little jab at BF4 — it’s unfortunately something to worry about in 2015. If that can get nailed down, this might be a really solid game.

Of course, that depends on what’s on the disc. Battlefront recently came under fire for its $50 season pass, that (as per usual) consists of mystery DLC — in addition to the Battle of Jakku map.

Mike Cosimano