Over 60 games discounted for PlayStation’s 20th anniversary sale

Such PS4 classics as Rocksmith 2014 Edition

Until January 19, a bunch of things are on sale in the PlayStation Store, from PS4 games (most of which you can probably ignore) to PS1 classics. The latter account for much of the PlayStation Vita section (plus PSP games–Tactics Ogre!), because the Vita has no games, but who cares–MediEvil is just $2.40!

Actually, some of the Vita’s best are present: Tearaway ($14.40), Persona 4 Golden ($12), Lumines Electronic Symphony ($10.80). I assume Gravity Rush is absent because it’s still free for PlayStation Plus members.

Bully is only $4, Resident Evil 4 $8, Okami HD $7, yet no God Hand? Shame. 

Picking anything up?

Steven Hansen