Over 41 million PS3s sold worldwide (Update)

[Update: Sony may have fudged its numbers up, as according to SCEJ’s website, the PS3 has shifted 47.9 million units, which is actually more than the original boast. Thanks, Nyktharas]

Sony has announced that over 41.6 million PlayStation 3 units have been sold worldwide. In case you’re bad at math, rest assured that it’s a lot of sales. 

To accompany its sales figures, Sony also declared that 80% of all consoles are connected to the PlayStation Network with over 70 million PSN accounts. Traffic to the PlayStation Store has risen by over 60% year-on-year, while revenue generated from sales has reached over 70%. 

Great news an’all, but are you ever going to give us those PlayStation Move sales, guys?

PlayStation 3 Over 41 Million Sold with PSN Revenues Up [Industry Gamers]

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