Over 4,000 World Warriors have signed up for SFV at this year’s EVO

Those are gonna be some big damn pools

Street Fighter V hasn’t exactly been burning up the sales charts. Its barebones launch and delayed content drops haven’t exactly endeared the title to the mainstream audience. Unsurprisingly though, that doesn’t seem to matter at all to the competitive scene. A record-breaking 4,000-plus players have already signed up to compete in this year’s EVO. For comparison’s sake, the former record was set by last year’s USFIV turnout, with 2,227 entrees.

It looks like Capcom’s decision to cater to the FGC scene might not have worked out sales-wise, but it has certainly excited the community. Build a quality game, and the audience will respond. I can’t wait to see who makes it into the finals out of 4,000 players, it’s going to be wild.

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