Over 100 possible NDA-breaking Fallout 3 screens hit the Internet

Apparently, the Asian press laughs in the face of non-disclosure agreements! Gaming Web site Underone has posted over 100 off-screen images of Fallout 3, snapped during a recent ZeniMax Media press tour. We win — even these relatively low-quality snaps show off what’s looking like an unbelievable game. 

But not everyone is as excited as we are. One English-speaking commenter at Underone had this to say:

Looks like s**t. The dialogue is awful. Written by high-school kids at best. It also shows up that the dialogue “choices” are going to be crap or simply lead to the same reply anyway (therefore the player doesn’t even *have* a real choice and is just watching a slideshow/movie play out while clicking).

The game will be a stinker.

Well, that seals the deal — go cancel your pre-orders. And hey, Bethesda: I live about 45-minutes from your studio and I will honor an NDA. I’m just saying. 


Nick Chester