Over 1.1 million viewers tuned in to a single Fortnite stream last night

Spanish-language event a record-shattering success

Online multiplayer Fortnite has once again smashed stream records, with a YouTube broadcast last night breaking through the one million viewers milestone.

The stream, held by Spanish player elrubius, saw 100 YouTubers gather to fight it out on the popular team-shooter, with most of the participants similarly broadcasting the event on their own channel. At one point, elrubius’ original stream had a total of 1.1 million viewers in the audience, and that’s not even counting those watch the other participants’ individual streams. That’s insane.

Whether through quality, fashion or otherwise, Epic Games’ Fortnite really is something else right now, only last week we reported on over 600,000 viewers tuning into Twitch to watch rapper Drake take on popular streamer Ninja in a digital free-for-all, as well as looking into Ninja himself,  who claims to be making in the region of half a million dollars a month streaming the game online.

You can check out the replay of elrubius’ rumble to end all rumbles below.

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