Outcast returns with an enhanced release on Steam and GOG.com

Fresh3D still wants to make an HD reboot

Earlier this year, Fresh3D tried and failed to fund a high-definition remake of the 1999 action-adventure title Outcast on Kickstarter. Fans showed their support, but there simply weren’t enough of them. The company is back with a roadmap that will “hopefully” lead to an eventual reboot.

Step one of that plan, Outcast 1.1, is available now on Steam and GOG.com for $5.99. It’s a new version of the game “improved to run smoothly on today’s computers.” Specifically, there’s:

  • Multithreaded voxel renderer for higher performance
  • Software bilinear filtering on polygonal meshes
  • Partial redesigned of the HUD to match higher resolutions
  • New high-resolution sky paintings
  • Revamped launcher
  • Native support of Xbox 360 and DirectInput gamepad
  • User-friendly controller configuration
  • Selectable voices and subtitles languages
  • A myriad of bugs fixed
  • Improved stability

If you already own Outcast through GOG.com, look for a free 1.1 update. The studio plans to “keep working and updating the game in the future” and, with any luck, create a follow-up.

Announcing Outcast 1.1 for Steam [Steam]

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