Otomedius Excellent delayed to 2011

Konami announced that Otomedius Excellent won’t make its Fall 2010 release, but is now scheduled for a Spring 2011 release in Japan. The Xbox 360 shoot ’em up was originally set for a 2010 release in North America.

Since the reason for the Japanese delay was a “delay in production”, there’s not a chance in hell that this game will make it to North America before Spring 2011. All we can hope for is that it will get a simultaneous release. Although some sites report that Otomedius Excellent is getting an XBLA release, probably due to a previous press release, Gamespot has updated one of its posts on the game stating it is not coming to XBLA.

Otomedius Excellent is a full sequel to Otomedius G (Gorgeous) and if you ever played Gradius, you’ll know what to expect.


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