Other M videos and commercials leave me feeling scared

Ten days to go until the release of Metroid: Other M and Nintendo is really putting the marketing machine into high gear. Sadly, I’m more afraid than ever that the game is going to fail. Every game in the Metroid series thus far has been fantastic. Can this new, highly experimental entry in the series still shine in the shadow of nearly perfect games like Super Metroid and Metroid Prime? Can it keep up with fantastic Metroid-inspired games that have been released in recent years, like Shadow Complex and Cave Story? Honestly, I don’t think so. I’ll be buying the game regardless, but I’ve already set my expectations from “It can’t be worse than Metroid 2” to “Ah well, a sub-par new Metroid game is still better than no new Metroid game.”

If these videos are any indication, the game will at least get the atmosphere right… sometimes. The video below with Samus running through the lava tunnel definitely feels right. Still, there’s just so many things going on here; NES-style controls in a PS2-era 3D platforming, Duck Hunt-style stationary pointing and shooting in the middle of fierce firefights, God of War-style timed melee specials, and of course, tons of cut scenes. It reminds me of the “dream food” I invented when I was a kid; Coca Cola chicken nugget soup with M&Ms and pizza chunks. It may taste good in theory, but in practice, it might make you puke.

Trust me folks, I hope I wrong on this one, but that’s how I see it as of right now. How about you? You feeling this Other M thing?

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