Other M developers – ‘This is a high-tech-NES-game’

Most Metroid fans I know simultaneously want and fear Metroid: Other M. Having played the game briefly, I know that one thing is for sure; the controls work. Those of you that are concerned that the Wii-remote-as-NES-pad concept doesn’t work can relax. The game plays just fine. It feels like the love-child of Super Metroid and Metroid Prime

That’s no accident. The developers of the game have worked really hard to give us the best of both gaming eras here. By combining the simple, intuitive controls of the pre-CD ROM era of gaming with the cut-scene heavy, story-focused powers of the post CD-ROM era, the guys at Project M believe that Other M will please both lapsed gamers and current gamers alike. At least, that’s what they claim in this two part video interview, which was recently translated by the good people of Metroid-database.

I hope they’re right. Personally, I’m not sure that mixing pre-CD ROM and post-CD ROM game design philosophies can work. One of the things that people love about the NES-era is that most games from those days always let you play, and never forced you to watch and listen. It’s hard for a lot of current gamers to understand, but most lapsed gamers that I know wont play any video game that tries to talk to them, or forces them to read anything. I could see a lot of them starting in on Other M expecting to jump right in to the action like they did with Metroid 1-3, and giving up immediately after being presented with +5 minutes of cut scenes.

Did these interviews (the second is after the jump) change the way you see Other M? Who do you know is going to buy the game when it’s released next month?

Metroid: Other M – Japanese Nintendo Channel feature now given fan-translation– [Gonintendo]



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