Oscar winners working on Ghost Recon movie

You know the part of the academy awards where you haven’t seen any of the movies and you stop paying attention? Well, those movies have a name and they’re called shorts and this year had some really amazing ones if you ever get a chance to actually seem them. One of the most amazing, in fact the one to win best animated short, was Logorama. It’s good and with that academy award two talented film makers have gotten their foot into the door of Hollywood film making. So what are they doing? Turning to videogames.

The pair are returning to the short form film, but this time they’re adapting Ghost Recon. Francois Alaux and Herve de Crecy will be working with writer Tim Sexton (Children of Men) to create a 20 minute short for Ubisoft. The short will act as a prequel to the upcoming Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Ubi has put aside $8-$10 million dollars for the film, and if they’re anywhere near as well done as the Assassin’s Creed film we are going to be in for quite a treat.

Oscar-Winning Duo Working On Ghost Recon Movie [Kotaku]

Matthew Razak