Orisa is off limits in Overwatch’s competitive mode for a week

I wish all games did this

It’s not unusual to see a new character, in say, a MOBA, disabled from the roster until a week after their launch. As a lot of developers recognize, it can be jarring, jumping into a competitive mindset and having players first-pick the new character with no experience or regard for their team. That’s what’s going to happen with Orisa, who’s arriving today in Overwatch.

Blizzard notes that they want people to play her a bit to really understand how she works before she moves over to the competitive side. It’s not just learning how she plays either, but how she can be countered that really matters when making picks in competitive. She can be picked/played/fought against in basically every other mode, and she’s free for existing owners, so it’s a more than fair tradeoff.

Scott Mercer [Battle.net]

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