Original Telltale developed games in the works

So look — Telltale Games’ Sam & Max Seasons are consistently pretty awesome. And the forthcoming WiiWare title, the hilariously-named Strong Bad’s Cool Game for Attractive People episodic series, definitely has our attention. But how about some original stuff? According to a conversation that Telltale CEO Dan Connors had with 1UP, it’s definitely in the works. 

“Right now, we’re still building the Telltale brand, and not having enormous marketing budgets to work with for an original title, we work with these franchises that are known, and that helps us build an audience for Telltale,” he says of working with existing franchises.

He off-handedly hints at an original game “where you investigate a missing person or whatever,” and makes mention of a Flint Paper spin-off series, in reference to Sam & Max’s private detective neighbor who investigates with his fists. Of course, this is all just talk, and there are no solid plans to announce at the moment. Connors suspects to announce an original product in 10 months at the “earliest,” and 18 months at the “longest.”

Let the waiting and speculation begin.

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