Ori creators reveal new Action RPG No Rest for the Wicked

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As nice as the usual salvo of remakes and sequels is, it’s nice to see acclaimed developers take on new worlds every now and then. To fill this niche, Moon Studios, the creators of the acclaimed Ori series, has revealed a new ARPG called No Rest for the Wicked.

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We can see some vague cinematics at the start, setting the stage for a somber story. However, once the gameplay kicks in, we get a glimpse of an ARPG-style perspective of our protagonist running through some scenery and fighting enemies. It’s hard to get a feel for the combat here, but it sure looks cool. The variety of weapon types shown makes me think that players will have a few different playstyles to choose from here.

In a press release received after the show, we got to learn a few more details about No Rest for the Wicked. Moon Studios promises an “animation-driven, direct, and tactile,” combat system, which will emphasize “skill and timing” instead of the usual lull of loot-driven ARPGs. Additionally, the game’s setting on the island of Isola Sacra will let players experience “verticality in a way that is unmatched in other ARPGs.”

Fortunately, true to other games in the ARPG genre, No Rest for the Wicked will support four player co-op as well. Players can enjoy the campaign with friends, even if those friends just wander off and have their own adventures during your session.

“We have been dreaming of being able to contribute to the ARPG genre that we all grew up with and love,” said Moon Studios’ Creative Director Thomas Mahler. “We are excited to reveal our own take on what we’ve always envisioned as the core canons of the ARPG genre, while taking the next steps to reimagine the elements we consider ripe for innovation.”

No Rest for the Wicked will enter Early Access on Steam “during [the publisher] Take-Two’s Fiscal Year 2024.” Sometime after that, the game will launch on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. In the meantime, we’ll about this game on March 1, 2024 as part of Moon Studios’ Wicked Inside digital showcase.

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