Ore-naments? More Christmas gifts for gamers

I’ve got more great goodies to put under your favorite gamer’s tree this holiday season. From pretty ornaments to put on the tree to amazing presents to put under the tree, I have a bunch of sweet ideas.

Got a addicted WoW gamer at home? Well, how about a World of Warcraft ornament to put on their tree this year? Paul Pape Designs has a great Khorium Ore-nament (see what he did there … clever boy) that will surely drag your sweetie out of the basement to have a gander at it.

Also available from the same designer’s Etsy store is a personalized Mii figure. Get a 6″ to 8″ Mii figure created in the very likeness of your favorite gamer’s Wii Mii. How cool is that!

Thanks to Alice at Wonderland for some of these goodies! 

Peach Pops has a hand-sewn, felt Atari joystick ornament for your special retro gamer this holiday season. Joy to the world? Rather, joy to my stick… am I right? *crickets*

Moving on… how about this cool Super Nintendo controller ornament that you can have personalized with your Nintendo fanboy’s name. The ornament is a real controller, by the way, with a bit of sparkle glue added by Scrap Arc to make it all pretty looking.

How about a felt Mario and Donkey set for your sweetie to put under the tree? Poor Lulu‘s Etsy Shop has neat little felt figures to hang on your tree, in your car or just to hang around in your office work space. Pick from Donkey Kong, two Marios and Yoshi.

Need to keep someone warm this winter? Buy them a Legend of Zelda triforce scarf made from green fleece. And as long as your buying a scarf from Net of Being, then pick up a crochet pattern for Mario or Link to added to someone’s stocking. New hobbies are always good to learn in the winter season.

Jinx.com has some great Horde and Alliance wrapping paper to wrap up some sweet WoW action figures or maybe this great “You were prepared” WoW inferno t-shirt. They even have a Wintervale t-shirt for the ladies featuring a snowball-throwing Snowman.

Finally I had to throw in my contribution to the holiday season, these Santa Mario and Rudolph the Red-nosed Koopa ornaments which I made for my sweetheart this year. Made from fused beads and designed from the original Super Mario Bros. sprites, these geeky gifts come from the heart and with a hook to hang on the tree.

Check out the gallery below for pictures of everything I talked about. Any other suggestions for cool gaming creations that would do well as a stocking stuffer that I might have missed?

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