Order of Ecclesia trailer may be the best Castlevania trailer ever made

Ignore the first minute. Although cool, the first section of this trailer for upcoming Nintendo DS game Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia is just random, gothic images flashing over a dramatic score. After about a minute the actual gameplay kicks in … and, man, does it look good.

While I go through this same emotional cycle with every new Castlevania handheld game (I love it, I hate it, I LOVE IT!), this extremely well-produced trailer gives me very high hopes for Order of Ecclesia.

It seems the designers have (finally?) taken what works in the series and expanded on it, making everything feel fresh and exciting again. Check out the crazy new (touch-screen enabled?) move at that is prevalent throughout the trailer and the epic magic spell at to get an idea of what I am talking about.

What do you all think? More of the same or do you finally feel that the series is starting to slowly evolve? Like me, does this trailer get your retro adrenaline flowing? Also, how great do those bosses look? Wow.

[Thanks, Passionate Styos]

Chad Concelmo