Order of Ecclesia contains more bare flesh than most Castlevania games

Here we have a trailer for Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia which seems to have a heavy emphasis on the powers the new heroine, Shanoa, will acquire in the game. And, as can be expected, we get to see her do battle with several very large boss enemies. Plus, she’s kind of a fox.

I’m quite curious to see how this one pans out. Nick’s impressions of it seemed largely positive, which is a good sign, and I’m very rarely disappointed by the 2D Castlevania titles. The idea of the glyphs, powers that can be applied to Shanoa’s body with varying effects based on location, sounds really intruiging and could help to put a different spin on the familiar format.

Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia comes out in just under a month, on October 21st. 

I’ll be buying it, but I buy all of them. I’m wondering how long they can continue to put out these “Metroid-vania” games before the formula becomes stale and turns off gamers. Are any of you tired of 2D Castlevania games yet?

Conrad Zimmerman