Orcs sure do look cool in the Warcraft movie

Humans, less so

The first official trailer for Duncan Jones’ Warcraft movie is out, and it looks all right! I think? It’s hard to say based on just this small amount of footage for a film not releasing until June 2016.

As presented here, the story doesn’t seem intriguing, but I’m fond of the characters, the world(s), and the lore as they exist in the video games. How effectively they’ll translate to the big screen — and whether this hybrid CG / live-action approach for the cast pays off — remains to be seen.

If nothing else, I want to see some wild action sequences. This trailer has people being crushed, an orc-on-orc fistfight, Anduin Lothar diving into battle on a gryphon, and a guy throwing a horse like it’s no big deal. So far, so good on that front.

The bit with the baby orc floating down a river, though.

Jordan Devore
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