Orange Box PS3 not so ‘downright unplayable’ now?

Jim pointed us to 1UP’s preview of The Orange Box for PS3, and more specifically, of Half Life 2, where they said the game is “downright unplayable” due to frame rate issues. They did their preview from a near-final version of The Orange Box. I don’t know if the other outlets received a different (or final) build, but it seems like IGN and Gamespy are drinking a bit less Haterade than 1UP is.

IGN’s Hilary Goldstein says ” Before you freak, know that in my time playing The Orange Box on PS3, I only encountered a few truly troubling framerate issues. Unless you require your games to never dip below 30fps, you should not strike The Orange Box off your PS3 holiday wish list.”

Gamespy did encounter some slowdown issues, but wasn’t as concerned about them. “In regard to performance alongside the 360 version, we’d say that our first hour with the game was velvety smooth, and there’s nothing about Half-Life 2 on PS3 that is diminished from what you’ll get on 360.”

I appreciate reviewers “calling them like they see them,” but it’s so cool to hate on the PS3 that it’s become kind of uncool — kind of like when your mom uses ‘net slang like “ROFL.” Although EA has a history of less-than-great PS3 ports, I still doubt that the game becomes “downright unplayable.” 

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