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Operations Siege codes (April 2024)

Use Operations: Siege codes to get Credits and skins and be the coolest in the game.

Updated: April 15, 2024

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As a fan of Rainbow Six Siege, I had a lot of fun playing Operations: Siege on Roblox! Pick your favorite operator, wait for your team to assemble, and get ready to either attack or hole up in a thrilling first-person clash worthy of Ubisoft’s popular title!

One of the things players love to do in such games is purchase cosmetics and customize all they can—which requires earning Credits. The good news is that using Operations: Siege codes can help you get plenty of Credits and even some unique skins. If you’re looking for freebies up for grabs in other similar titles, check out our list of Combat Warriors codes and reap those rewards while you can!

Operations: Siege codes list

Active Operations: Siege codes

  • FABRICADECOBRES—Redeem for the FABRICA DE COBRES Skin and 5,000 Credits
  • COB—Redeem for the COBISCOOL Skin
  • YOBOYROY—Redeem for the YOBOYROY Skin
  • SHAWK—Redeem for the SHAWK Skin
  • VARSITY—Redeem for the VARSITY Skin
  • COCONUT—Redeem for the COCONUT BRAH Skin
  • GARFIELD—Redeem for the GARFIELDISDOC Skin

Expired Operations: Siege codes

  • There are currently no expired Operations: Siege codes.

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How to redeem codes in Operations: Siege

Redeeming Operations: Siege codes is as easy as it gets—here’s how to do it:

How to redeem Operations: Siege codes.
Screenshot by Destructoid
  1. Run Operations: Siege in Roblox.
  2. Go to the Main Menu screen.
  3. Input a code into the Insert Code Here field in the bottom-right corner.
  4. Click on Redeem to get your rewards!

How to get more Operations: Siege codes

If you feel like hunting for Operations: Siege codes on your own, you can do so by visiting the developer’s X profile (@OperationsSiege), joining the Roblox Operations: Siege Discord server, or becoming a part of the Roblox Operations: Siege Roblox group. However, digging for codes can take a lot of time, so it’s best you leave that job to us. Bookmark this page and check back regularly because we’re always on top of any fresh drops!

Why are my Operations: Siege codes not working?

The most common reason why players have trouble redeeming their Operations: Siege codes is typos. It’s best to avoid entering the codes manually—instead, copy and paste them from our article so that you preserve the exact spelling. If you enter a code and it says that it’s invalid, it means that it has expired. In this case, let us know, and we’ll update our list right away!

Other ways to get free rewards in Operations: Siege

Other than using Operations: Siege codes, the game doesn’t provide other options for obtaining freebies. You need to win matches and earn Credits to purchase the cosmetics you want. You can also buy Ro-Packs and receive a surprise bundle of rewards. Finally, you can follow the developer’s social media channels we’ve linked above for any giveaways and special events.

What is Operations: Siege?

Operations: Siege is a five-on-five tactical shooter game heavily inspired by Ubisoft‘s Rainbow Six Siege. You pick your favorite operator, join a team, and get assigned a role as either the attacker or defender. The attackers’ goal is to break into the enemy’s base and disarm the bomb, while the defenders need to hold their ground by putting up barricades and protecting the area at all costs. The team that completes their objective wins the round and receives Credits as a reward. The primary game mechanic is making the most out of your operator’s abilities and working closely with your team members.

If you can’t get enough of Roblox games and are on the lookout for codes, check out the rest of our dedicated Roblox Codes section and grab all those freebies while you still can!

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