Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising gets DLC and patch

Most likely unbeknown to most there are actually two really good multiplayer modern war games out right now. The first you’ve probably heard of and the second is Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising. Coming out within a few months of that other game might not have been the wisest move, but those who have played OF:DR know that it actually has some awesome gameplay and a very solid community. That community can now dive into two new multiplayer modes and a patch.

The two new gameplay modes give the open-world battles new objectives. The first is “Blindside,” which challenges a team of attackers to complete three missions in a given time period while a team of defenders attempts to stop them. Two of the missions can be completed in any order, but the third only opens once the first two are completed.

The second new mode is “Supremacy,” which tasks teams with holding down certain areas of the game for points. The longer you hold on the more points you get. Each area also gives you special tactical advantages if you hold on to them for long enough.

The DLC and patch also includes a few tweaks here and there and a few new vehicle features. It can all be downloaded for free over at Codemasters site.

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