‘Operation Campaigns’ return to Battlefield 1 and are now free for everyone

Campaign trail

Late last year, Battlefield 1 gained a spin on its exciting “Operations” mode that was called “Operation Campaigns.” This mode strung together a bunch of various objective based maps to make a pseudo-campaign out of the multiplayer mode. It featured two variations; one that played on base maps and one that required DLC. It then vanished in early December with little word.

Operation Campaigns have now made a glorious return to BF1 and DICE has even upped the ante; you no longer need to own the DLC to participate. Operation Campaigns are free for everyone and to commemorate the event (or perhaps because of this), a brand new campaign has been added to the game.

“Fire & Ice” is the latest addition to this mode and it features a cross between maps from two expansion packs. You’ll be battling on “Devil’s Anvil” from They Shall Not Pass and “Brusilov Offensive” from In The Name of the Tsar. This cross between the two is the reason that DICE decided to open up the game mode, since requiring both expansions would split the player base.

“This has proven to be quite a technical challenge as we have many different ‘licenses’ you can have,” reads a forum post by DICE, “depending on whether you are a Premium Pass owner, or own individual standalone expansions. This challenge presented two options: continue to configure Operation Campaigns to be exclusively for Premium Pass owners, as with ‘Eastern Storm’, or to not require Premium Pass at all, as with ‘Fall of Empires’…Our goal here is to ensure the best chance at the most populated servers we can. We feel opening up the content to all players is the best way to do this.”

If you do happen to own the Premium Pass, you will get some exclusive tools on each map, but at least you won’t be struggling to find players to fill matches. DICE has also lowered the win criteria, so matches should move a bit faster and demand less of your time.

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