Opera for Wii available for download, December 22

According to the Official Opera site, the Wii internet channel will be available (presumably everywhere) this Friday, December 22.

Finally, Wii owners will be able to do things like check their weather and news on their console. Wait a minute… Nintendo already has that covered, so I guess that leaves pornography and Dtoid. Hey, you knew it was going to happen. 

The December 22nd download will be a trial, with the final version being available sometime in the spring. Pricing and any additional features have not been announced. Considering I’m writing this in a web browser on my laptop (that coincidentally is sitting right in front of the television that my Wii is connected to), it’s hard to imagine that by the time the final version drops, anyone will really care.

Now about that DS version of Opera available every-freakin’-where-else but here …

[Thanks to NameOf_A_VGChar for the tip. Summa owes you a back rub.]

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