OOT2D creator not quite dead

I wish I could say “I told you so”, but I didn’t write the post. But if I did go through with some long-winded rant about how Richard Denton, creator of the fabled Ocarina of Time 2D fan project couldn’t possibly be dead, you can be damn sure I’d be laughing about this now. Oh, okay, I’ll laugh anyway. Hah!

As it turns out, Denton’s been pretty busy — you know, for a dead guy. Since the news of his untimely demise broke, his MSN and MySpace accounts have been active, and legions of Internet Detectives have picked apart the story of his fatal car accident, searching for police records and news reports, any evidence of a Richard Denton eatin’ it on a stretch of highway. As the Latin goes, whole lotta nada

Yeah, he’s not dead. Faked it. Why? Dude, you’d be wishing for death too if you had all of the Nine Interwebs beating down your door to finish a difficult fan project. If you remember all the ire volleyed at Square Enix when they put the kill on Chrono Resurrection and point that kind of anger at, y’know, a kid, it becomes a scary situation. Can’t blame him for wanting out. But still, Denton — faking your own death? Really?

The Internet is full of resourceful people with far too much time on their hands, which is why trying to fake your own death is a bad idea. Incidentally, that’s the same reason that it’s mildly terrifying to let down the potentially hundreds of thousands of people eagerly anticipating your completed project. Here’s the lesson: having someone kill you would probably be an easier way out. 

[Via SquidNews; thanks Tim!]

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