Ooh la la, it’s a Fake game Friday contest

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Yay, prizes.

You probably already know the deal with Fake Game Friday: you come up with an idea for a game, it gets posted by the Dtoid writers, etc. I’ve recently acquired Killer 7 for the PS2, and, to tell you the truth, I’m not getting into it. Therefore, I am offering it up as a prize for a contest centered around next week’s FGF. Whoever makes the weirdest/coolest/most hilarious fake game submission, from now to next Thursday, will not only get their fake game posted on Dtoid’s home page, but I will also ship you my copy of Killer 7 free of charge. There are no constraints on what kind of game you can come up with: it can be based off a license, completely original, totally ridiculous, whatever you want. As always, fake game ideas can be either emailed to me at [email protected], or posted in this forum thread.

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