Ontamarama DS will give you cute brain freeze

As Destructoid’s self-proclaimed ambassador of cute Japanese things, let me say that while this new Atlus title looks to be aimed at kids, I really want to play it anyway. Give me bright colors and vacantly happy unidentifiable creatures, and I’m mesmorized every time. (Please do not use this information when you meet me at game conferences, as I will forget what I am there to do and merely follow you around singing.)

Ontamarama is a rhythm game set on the isle of Onpa, where musical spirits called the Ontama live. They are conducted by aspiring Ontamaestros Beat and Rest, who come upon a weakened Ontama in the street and begin their adventure. Got a cavity yet? Ontamarama was a editor’s choice finalist at the Gamespot E3 awards for best rhythm and best DS game, so I’m kind of interested to check it out despite a level of cute almost too acute for even me.

Ontamarama hits US shelves on October 30th. 

Colette Bennett