Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan … where nipples become bears

Remember that acid you did once in college just to impress that hot, female med student? Well, you’re about to relive that moment, as you watch the newest Japanese trailer for Onsei Kanjou Sokuteiki: Kokoro Scan for the Nintendo DS.

Full of bears that rock out with their hair balls out, people with hearts over their faces, and a little condom man running around with bow ties on, the  Kokoro Scan trailer is like a Katamari game with ecstasy icing on top.

This game isn’t really a game though, it’s more like expensive mood ring software for your DS. Using Sensibility technology, developed by SGI Japan and AGI, the software converts the user’s voice into groups of numbers and analyzes them to indicate their current mood. The software also gives you a rating in 5 different categories: anger, joy, disappointment, normality and excitement. Does that mean the color green doesn’t signify you’re horny anymore?

Though I don’t see many practical uses for this technology, the voice tension detection feature will be fun to use on your girlfriend to see if she’s lying about the size of your d … uh, nose. I do think if you’re sitting next to someone on the bus, and they get a low normality rating and a high anger rating, you should get off at the next stop. Trust me.

Kokoro Scan will be released by Sega for the Nintendo DS around August 2007 in Japan for about 2,700 yen. No word if Kokoro Scan will be coming to North America, but Sega does promise to use the sensibility technology for future games. I’m sure hippies worldwide will be happy to know that.

[Via CNET Asia]