OnLive announces Microconsole release date and pricing

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The OnLive cloud-based gaming service has been running for months now and, speaking personally, it’s rather impressive when you have a fast enough connection and it looks pretty good on the PC I have hooked up to my television. But for those who would rather not go to the hassle of going that route, OnLive has said that they will offer a “Microconsole” which will allow users to connect to the service through a little box and controller.

Today, OnLive has announced the pricing of the Microconsole and has started accepting pre-orders. The device is available for $99 and purchasers will receive one free game for the service with their purchase. The wait to get the units won’t be very long at all, either. The first Microconsoles will be shipping out on December 2nd.

Our own Benjamin PerLee has been putting the Microconsole through its paces and will have a review up later today.

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