Online RPG based on the European Parliament

“You can be a Member of the European Parliament (MEP), a journalist, a student or any role you want to create.”

Exciting! I just dropped my copy of Valkyria Chronicles 2 on the floor and walked away like it never existed because this new game sounds so fascinating.

The game is called Citzalia, and it is a virtual recreation of the European Parliament that you can walk around in, making laws and being important.  This online role-playing game comes to us by way of the European Service Network, who is working under a budget of about $350,000 dollars. This should be fantastic.

If you want a peek at the new hotness, check out the above video of Citzalia, as shown above. where has this game been all my life?

You should also check out the comments at YouTube.

EU Dumps €275k into Pedestrian Looking “Government RPG” [GamePolitics]

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