Onechanbara Special dated for Winter 2011, uses buttons

Give me a minute while I finish giggling. I’m still laughing about our Tokyo Game Show preview of Onechanbara Special, the very first game we stumbled upon on the show floor. Jonathan Holmes made me laugh a several times while filming our preview. I loved when he yelled out “kawaii!” at the Japanese game rep, and then commented that he didn’t even know what that meant. Later, he was told that he should “use the buttons to attack.” Hilarious.

The upcoming PSP game has been dated for Japan for Winter 2011. Special is a compilation of past Onechanbara series titles, so you can expect locations from those games in this new release. Siliconera says that the character roster comes from Bikini Samurai Squad, so Aya, Saki, Anna, Misery and Reiko are playable in it.

As Jonathan said in our preview, if this is cheap, it’s totally worth picking up.

Dale North